Get Your Smile Back 

Dr Keown has treated many patients with Bell's palsy (and Ramsay-Hunt syndrome) and gets great results with acupuncture and individualised care. For this reason he has set up a specialist acupuncture service for facial palsy.

In fact, Dr Keown is so confident of getting your face back to normal with his YOUR SMILE program that he doesn't within 6 months he will give you your money back*.

At only £4 800 Dr Keown's program is the UK's only guaranteed medical service for Bell's palsy. 

Dr Keown is also more than happy to treat you via his regular booking program which can be arranged here.

Your smile is one of the most important things in your life and Dr Keown understands that bringing that back lets you face life again. 

You don't need to look any further, start bringing your smile back today here.


Bells palsy responds well to acupuncture


As many treatments as needed.

Priority booking.

Flexible times including evenings and early mornings.



Name *








*Terms and conditions:

Normal is defined as a Grade 1 (no visible difference on photography) on the House-Brackman Bell's palsy score.
For acupuncture to work it requires regular treatment. This can vary with each patient but to ensure compliance patients must be available for treatments at least once weekly on any of Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday for at least fifteen of the first twenty weeks of your program. 
Acceptance on the program is dependent on an initial free consultation with Dr Keown.