The Invisible Body - A1 Poster

The Invisible Body - A1 Poster


Designed to be the cover of The Spark In The Machine, this unique and original A1 sized poster shows an anatomically accurate landscape of the Six Channels of Chinese medicine. 

Great for fans of the book, acupuncture students wishing to understand the body better or simply therapists who wish to display an attractive piece of art in their workplace.

This first edition of 50, numbered and signed on reverse by Dr Daniel Keown, is a great opportunity to purchase a truly unique work of art.

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Drawing on the Chinese philosophy of the microcosm mirroring the macrocosm, the channels are drawn as six geographical layers. These Six layers represent an embryological process that begins with the chain of volcanoes (the neural crest cells) of Tai Yang as discussed in The Spark.

Great care has been taken to make sure the picture, despite artistic appearances, is anatomically accurate. For instance; the heart has a low pressure 'blue' right side and a high pressure 'red' left side; there are four pulmonary veins that return to the heart; the golden 'space-ship' in the head represents the ventricles of the brain; etc etc