What To Expect From Treatment.

At his clinic Dr Daniel Keown understands that the power to attain health is within us all.

Chinese medicine works with the innate ability of our bodies to naturally stay healthy, something that occurs so humbly that we only notice it when it goes wrong and we get sick.

To this end it uses no drugs because instead it maximises the body's own healing power.

How does it do this?

Within us all flows an energy the Chinese described as Qi (pronounced Chi). Qi keeps all of your cells working in harmony and when it becomes disorganised then disease can erupt. Acupuncture works by reminding your Qi how it should behave.

The Chinese understood this and understood that just like the invisible energy in your computer this energy could be manipulated: 

  • They developed acupuncture, to redirect the energy so as to move stagnation and restore flow

  • They created moxibustion, where herbs are burned over the body, to nourish and move the Qi

  • They used cupping, where vacuum cups are placed over the body, to clear pathogenic factors and stagnant blood

  • They developed massage techniques called Tui Na, literally 'pushing and pulling' to move the fascia and help release tightness

What this means is there is a wonderful system of healing that works with the body and can give you the simple tools to re-find your health.

At his clinic Dr Keown wants to get you well and then give you the tools to keep yourself well. After that he wants you to tell your friends and family how wonderful Chinese medicine is too!

In Dr Keown's over twenty years of clinical experience as both a Western and Chinese doctor, he feels acupuncture is often, simply, the best medicine of all.

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