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Chinese medicine doesn't end with the consultation, in many ways it is just the beginning.

Health and disease are engaged in a constant battle and interchange. You can change the balance and give your body the best chance of staying healthy.


The idea of breaking food down into it's constituent bits (i.e. fat, protein, carbohydrate) is alien to Chinese medicine. Instead of being pre-occupied with what food is made up of, they were equally interested in how it changed the body. The Chinese realised that all food affects the metabolism in different ways; in other words food has energetic properties.

A simple example of these energetic properties is the contrast between chilli and cucumber. The two foods give very different reactions: chilli is hot, makes you sweat and red-faced, in other words it makes you physically hot too; cucumber does the opposite. The reason curry houses put cucumber into the yoghurt sauce is for precisely this effect

Understanding the simple rules of food energetics means you can start eating the right food for you. Download this for more information: