Chinese medicine doesn't end with the consultation, in many ways it is just the beginning.

Health and disease are engaged in a constant battle and interchange.  You can change the balance and give your body the best chance of staying healthy.


Chinese medicine philosophy on food is that all food is medicine and that food changes how your body feels. Whilst Western science is more concerned about what is in food (e.g. fats, protein, vitamins) Chinese medicine is concerned about how it affects your body. This is similar to how Western medicine views drugs, and indeed food is medicine.

The Chinese realised that all food affects the metabolism in different ways; in other words food has energetic properties. A simple example of these energetic properties is the contrast between chilli and cucumber. On paper the foods have very similar amounts of water, carbohydrate, protein and vitamins but the two foods make you feel very different. Chilli is hot, makes you sweat, red-faced, and feel physically hot too in other-words it is a 'hot food'. Cucumber does the opposite, cooling you down. The reason curry houses put cucumber into the yoghurt sauce is to counteract the effect of too many chillies.

All food can be classified according to rules such as these and understanding when to eat such food can help you prevent disease and stay healthy.

Understanding the simple rules of food energetics means you can start eating the right food for you. Download this for an introduction into a different way of seeing your food.