Lies, damn lies and Western medicine

You start off medical school full of hope and ideas. You're the brightest of the bright, chosen for your academic prowess, a tiger in a world of academic pussycats. Then you're told that now, the rules are changed, that you're just another tiger in a university full of tigers and you're going to have to adapt. Accept you're not special - you're just another wild creature needing to be tamed.

Its a good lesson to learn... apart from you smell something wrong; when you look carefully enough you see there's bars on the outside of this university and the strange smell of repression emanates from within. You're not at a centre of learning and discovery; you're in a prison, a prison for the mind, and it is going to tell you how to behave as a doctor.

If you're smart and rebellious enough you start looking at your prison wardens and asking who controls them; who pays them; who do they bow down to? And then, if you're really smart, you realise that it's not the God of medicine at all; in fact it's not even the God of science; or of humanity. It's the same God that many worship, it's the God of money.

Apart from in these halls the stench is unbearable. It's the stench of corruption rotting the core of what should be the most sacred and hallowed of halls. In olden days they would burn frankincense and myrhh to sanitise the stench of decay but now there is nothing powerful enough to drown it out. It has crept into every corner of our medicine.

It starts before any medicine is even administered. Slow, painful, deliberate torture of animals done in the name of research. Research that is driven not by altruism or even scientific curiosity but the cold hard glint of a silver shekel. It continues in the bilious pollution blowing into our precious atmosphere from the oil driven Pharma industry, poisoning the very people it claims to care for. 

Its tentacles continue ever outward enwrapping themselves around the very institutions that were set up to forward society - the Universities. It pollutes them with it's greed and exsanguinates all those who attempt to stand against it.

And then it starts making statistics. It knows it cant justify what it does with normal science, no medicine is worth the price that Pharma demands being paid, so it distorts and lies.

It turns medicine into a world of statistics, a world that becomes incomprehensible by mere mortals. In the olden days doctors hid behind the cloak of Latin and Greece to keep patients in the dark, now they use statistics.

They have turned medicine into nothing more than a statistical algorithm: and a bent one at that.

They talk about thousands of lives saved but fail to mention that they need to treat MILLIONS to do this. They fudge their data, hide their bad results, turn a blind eye to failure. It gets so bad that no-one, not even the doctors can trust them anymore.

Yes medicine moves on, but meanwhile a sickness grows in the heart of our society. Whilst Pharma's malignant tentacles invade, the best medicine goes unused. Simple exercises that prevent more hip fractures than any drug lie abandoned. Good doctors who wish to do better are ostracised. Society burns itself up trying to feed the malignant greed of profit-driven healthcare, whilst people cannot even afford good food to nourish themselves.

There is another way though, but it is the way of the Samurai. It is the way of sacrifice and honour; of wisdom and of courage. It is the way where doctors stand up and look deep within their own heart and ask who they really serve.  

And, when they see the great darkness at the heart of Western medicine and realise the truth... THEN IT IS TIME TO ACT!

Start learning the way of Qi.


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