Tasty medicine - Cinnamon & Apple Pancakes

Food is medicine, in fact, it's the best medicine. As the mists of autumn start rolling in so our diet needs to change to take account. Out goes salads and greens, in come stews and the autumnal hues of pumpkin, carrots and apples.

Cooking at this time of year is all about making good use of seasonal produce and gently warming up the body to stave off colds and flu. When the weather changes the body is particularly vulnerable to invasion of pathogens, as the pores of our skin take time to adjust.

To protect our body from the Damp and Cold we need foods that both energetically (what doctors might call 'metabolically') and physically warm us. Spices like cinnamon and nutmeg warm the body and create fantastic flavours. Maple syrup is similar too: in fact all dark sticky foods - e.g. molasses, dates, maple syrup- tend to nourish and warm the Kidneys. The Kidneys (of which the adrenals are part) are particularly vulnerable to cold and will leave your entire body vulnerable.

I cook these pancakes in the morning for my kids. They're a great way to start the day off, cheap and delicious. The apples are from my allotment and I get the eggs from a local farmer. 

I simple slice the apples thinly, cook with a nob of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon until they're cooked into a golden warmth. The process of cooking not only changes their flavour but also changes their energetics: to the body the slightly caramelised sugars now feel warm (even if allowed to physically cool down).

Golden caramelised cinamonny yumminess.

Golden caramelised cinamonny yumminess.

Putting the apples in a bowl I move onto pancakes. I put 4 HEAPED tablespoons of flower (spelt or wheat) into a jug; then slowly add milk, mixing as I go, until I get a paste. Then I add an egg and mix more. Finally add more milk until desired consistency. Eh Voila...A pancake batter!

Then once the pancake is cooked I simply add apples and pour over as much maple syrup as my budget will allow. Finally, I roll it up and indulge, happy in the knowledge that this is as healthy a breakfast as I can get.


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