'Statins'; or 'How to Rig a Health System'

A good friend of mine considered taking their daughter to a paediatric surgeon for a skin tag on their one year old's bottom. It was tiny really and completely inconsequential as far as I was concerned. Still, they were worried and wanted a surgical opinion.

I asked them to pause on that thought for a while:

'What', i said, 'do you think a surgeon is ultimately going to recommend?'

The answer took a little while to came back...


Of course! That's why they're a surgeon. Take your car to a mechanic and they aren't going to recommend taking up cycling, are they?! This is one of the biggest things that people don't realise about the current medical paradigm. The options you are given are extremely limited but they are still wrapped up like a choice. A surgeon will say you can have it surgically removed or not; the choice is yours.

She didn't want her one year old to have surgery, so she didn't take her.

Likewise with doctors (physicians); their modus operandi, in essence, is to give out pills. Another friend was shocked when her sub-fertility was approached by a doctor by simply 'throwing pills at me'.

That's generally what they do.

Then I realised... people don't understand the system! The system is set up to make money, like all capitalist systems. The NHS is better than most in that currently (see here) there is no incentive for the doctor to over-treat, but that simply means the profit-taking is higher up the chain

Doctors effectively are scared and bullied creatures who do as they are told! They are scared of making mistakes and bullied into following protocol. As a result they have to follow established practice; and in todays world that means following algorithms effectively laid down by drug companies. The drug companies buy the universities, buy the professors, even buy the charities; and then they get to set the agenda. 

Corporations are in essence psychopathic as they will do anything for money

Corporations are in essence psychopathic as they will do anything for money

You think statins really need to be taken by healthy 40 year olds with no cholesterol issues?! Of course not, but the drug companies funded the majority of the experts who recommended this.

Ultimately, then, it becomes a failure of choice. In a free-market the choice to get acupuncture would be there; but in capitalism everything can be bought including the market itself. It's no different to how politicians are bought, supermarkets rig planning permission, and banks always get richer.

The 'health' system in the UK is really the disease system and what 'they' (i.e. drug companies and their cronies) want is for you to access it and never leave. To them, this makes sound economic sense. From a business point of view drug companies don't ever want you to get well, they want you chronically sick for as long as possible, they want to extract as much out of you as possible. The term they often use for this is 'preventative medicine' but that is a misnomer because chronic medication means one is really chronically ill.

So the moral of the story is simple. If you want drugs and surgery look to the NHS. But, if you want an outcome where you get well again; where your own body returns itself to a state of health; where you are no longer reliant upon drugs; then you have to look to a system that wants to give that to you. 

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