A Day At The Vets...

Who would have thought it? after 40 years on this planet I've finally got an appointment with the vets. Turned out I didn't need an animal after all, just to write a book about acupuncture and then discover that everyone and their dog is getting it.

I never realised how massive animal acupuncture was. Since the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists invited me to their annual confab I've been amazed by how many people have their pets acupunctured. It turns out they all seem to love it; crazy cats gets strangely sedated; dogs go into trances and horses can't get enough.

It somewhat makes a mockery of the idea that acupuncture works as a placebo (a totally misleading term anyway, as I'll explain another day) unless, of course, animals are far more literate than we give them credit for. 

I'm really looking forward to this meet though because, amongst other things, I get to talk to people who can use acupuncture on the edges of medical science. Now, I'm not for one moment suggesting that vets are experimenting on animals (let's leave that to the 'good' people in Big Pharma). Quite the reverse; rather they can do what they think is best unfettered by modern medicines new-found obession with protocol.

In fact, the other day a vet told me that she often used this point on animals:

Du26 Ren Zhong (Man's Middle) to bring 'dead' animals back to life! Deadman (purely coincidental author's name?!) does indeed list its actions in his book as 'restoring consciousness', which fits. 

In the Emergency room, though, if I had tried to use this point I would probably have been arrested by the medical resuscitation officer and sent to a psychiatric wing. This is despite the fact that most of the stuff we do in resuscitation (with the exception of compressions and electricity) doesn't work!*

So, I'm looking forward to my day at the vets. I hope I can learn a lot from them.

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