Informed Consent - Flu Conflicts

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This letter actually makes me angry because it fails on informed consent in so many ways.

There is no mention of the benefits of getting this vaccine, none of the risks and nothing to suggest that there are any trials showing effectiveness. You're not informed about anything so how can you give your consent?

Furthermore it DIRECTLY contravenes section k of the GMC guidance on informed consent about declaring:

The GP practice will almost certainly be on a bonus scheme for getting children immunised. Here is an extract from a Scottish FOI request asking that exact question. The official tries to claim there is 'no bonus scheme' but instead 'additional funding' ; yet on page 35 it clearly states that 90% immunisation rates get a higher payment.

This is clearly a conflict of interest. The GP practice runs as a business and it's interest is in maximising profits. Whether or not the vaccine works or is safe for you is in conflict with the business aim of making profit.

What to do?

Don't accept this, it is corruption of the medical establishment by drug companies.

There are degrees with which you can fight this. Most GP's are unaware that they are conflicted and essentially bought off: they have cognitive dissonance.

These are some avenues for fighting this corruption.

  • Refuse the vaccine until you have been properly consented. Insist on evidence the vaccine works which should involve double-blinded trials.
  • Complain to the practice that there is no mention of a conflict of interest as per GMC guidelines. Insist that they include this in all future correspondence.
  • Complain to the GMC that your GP appears to not be consenting properly and has an undeclared conflict of interest.

The later example is quite extreme, but still fair. GP's fear being reported to the GMC much like small children fear the green monster under their bed (or the flu shot).

Talk to your friends, and advise them to ask more from their GP. GP's should be forced to admit where they are on any bonus scheme for administering poisons (even if they call them vaccines).


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