What is cancer?

There seems to be a lot of cancer around nowadays. Maybe I'm just getting old, after-all when you get to 40 all rates of cancer start increasing.

Sadly, however, the stats seem to back this up. Cancer is increasing. The reasons for this are complex but I'm sure there is a real increase.  Regardless, I think there is a fundamental misunderstanding about cancer that needs to be addressed: everyone has cancer!

Now, whilst this brings back memories of a South Park Song (Ed: that was Team America and Everybody has Aids) it remains true. We are all constantly creating and destroying cancer cells. If we look hard enough we would find them. In this study, 1 in 10 healthy people were found to  have cancer cells in just a small vial of blood. Technically these are cancers that are metastazising, the nastiest kind, so I think its fair to say that cancer is something we live with (& kill) everyday.

Everyday approximately 100 billion of the 100 trillion of your cells get destroyed and most of these have just come to the end of their useful lives. For instance, in your gut there is a constant turnover of cells as your entire gut lining gets shed like a snake's skin.

Cells that don't 'let go' are at risk of becoming cancer. Cells that hold on to their life and worse start multiplying need to be taken out and destroyed. That is where our immune system comes in. We have frankly awesome cellular troops that can wipe out miscreant cells using state of the art biological warfare developed over millions of years.

Killer T cells recognise cells that are turning cancerous

Killer T cells recognise cells that are turning cancerous

So, why would a cell do this, why would it turn cancerous?

Well, every cell is strictly held within an embryological pattern, a morphogenetic field that determines exactly what it should be doing and where it should be. In essence, cancer is simply cells that have broken free of this pattern.

If you constantly stress the cell in some way this can happen. For instance, pouring vodka down your throat everyday will stress the delicate cells in your throat. They'll start to adapt and change, what medicine calls metaplasia, they become pre-cancerous. In essence they start listening to the stressor, the carcinogen, more than your body.

If they go too far away from what they are supposed to be doing, then the immune system picks up on this and takes them out.

The difference between a cancer cell that wins and one that fails, is not the cancer then, but actually the interplay between it and your immune system.

We need to see cancer as something that emerges from us, for often unique and personal reasons. That is why terms such as War On Cancer and fighting are not helpful. Cancer is something that emerges because of a disunity of body and mind and healing needs to focus on recreating that unity.

This is why, of all Western medicines approaches in cut, poison, or burn , only cutting really works (with a few honourable exceptions).

Cancer is not something that just afflicts people like a random meteor strike from the sky. It is something that arises organically out of the person, then survives because the person effectively cannot see it.

Healing cancer in the 21st century needs to address the whole person.





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