Cultivating health and longevity

Welcome to Dr Daniel Keown's blog. 

On these pages you'll find various musings on staying healthy, seasonal cooking that cultivates Qi and living better, fuller lives by working with your body. As well as this there will be conversations on both Eastern and Western medicine and on why we need to go back to basics with health care.

To start things off, here is a video on some simple Qi Gong exercises. Qi (pronounced chi) is simply the energy that organises all our cells into one beautiful cooperative body; Gong means 'work'; and so Qi Gong is getting that Qi working right!

In our body there is the potential for enormous space - this is how keyhole surgery works. Qi moves in this space and one of the central things we are doing with Qi Gong is trying to free up and open the space.

All exercise is a form of Qi Gong, the difference with these is that they are very gentle; the idea is not to expend lots of energy (such as aerobics) but instead to nurture it.

Enjoy these exercises. Like all good things - coffee, beer and maybe even sex - it takes a bit of time to get into it and get good. Perservere! These are really powerful tools for staying healthy and getting healthy but you need to practice.

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